International Ice Bath Day


Saturday 18 January 2025

Embrace the Chill

The International Ice Bath Initiative

International Ice Bath Day is more than a challenge; it’s a global movement for mental health. Annually on the 3rd Saturday of January, individuals worldwide embrace the cold to foster resilience and raise awareness for mental well-being. This initiative supports Beyond Blue in their mission to aid those with anxiety and depression, proving that a little chill can make a big change.

“Our mission is to have people around the world partake in this annual event to bring together communities and raise awareness for proven strategies to benefit people suffering with depression and anxiety, along with the myriad of other benefits that breathwork and cold exposure can bring..”

Join the Chill Thrill

Ready to dive into the icy challenge? For more information on International Ice Bath Day, connect with us using the form below. Whether you’re looking to participate or host an event, we’re here to guide you every shiver of the way!

Record-Breaking Chill

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